About Repipe Masters: Who Are We?

Washington’s Most Trusted Repipe Plumbers. That’s our goal.

Repipe Masters is a family owned and operated & proudly Washington repipe experts company, with an excellent record of successful projects. We’ve pioneered innovative repiping solutions that save our customers time and money. But our greatest achievement is hundreds of happy customers throughout Greater Seattle Tacoma area. Our customers love us. And we love them.

Our Sole Purpose Is To Deliver Washington’s BEST Repiping Services!

We achieve this by being 100% focused on our customers. We believe that being honest and on time is just basic good manners. So we go above and beyond the basics. At Repipe Masters we pride ourselves on quality workmanship and on the rare occasion we drop the ball, we apologize and we fix it.

Our Vision: To be recognized as being a well-trained, professional team who deliver outstanding service and quality repiping solutions in Seattle & Tacoma.

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Our Mission: To be an organization that attracts and develops the best team to deliver consistently high standards of service and quality workmanship.

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Our Values

Everything we believe as a company has been nurtured in Washington and more importantly, by our family.

  • We hold ourselves accountable to every job and to every customer and we understand the importance of communication and transparency.
  • We love our work and it’s important to us that you love our service. On the rare occasion we drop the ball, we apologize and we fix it.

Our repiping plumbers and support staff are held to these important values:

  • Be Humble
  • Be Accountable
  • Be Transparent
  • Be Polite
  • Be Proud